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What We Do

What We Do

We offer the specialist touch

“Commercial Agreements are extremely valuable and important tools in the successful running and growth of any business venture. A succinctly drafted Agreement, ensures that your interests are legally protected and that full effect is given to your intentions therein. The drafting of Commercial Agreements is therefore, an undoubtedly Specialist Skill.

Leave the drafting of your Commercial Agreements to a Specialist”

As part of our professional service, we offer the following specialist services:

  • Legal advice, in respect of your specific needs and requirements;
  • Perusal and legal opinion on your existing Agreements;
  • Perusal and legal opinion on an Agreement, you may be required to sign;
  • Redrafting of Agreements or portions thereof;
  • Legal compliance with applicable laws and Statute;
  • Drafting of new Agreements;
  • Negotiation of Agreements and the Contractual Terms thereof;
  • Simplification of Agreements and Company Policy;
  • Standardisation of Agreements;
  • Education of your Staff and / or Employees in the correct usage and implementation of your Commercial Agreements and / or Company Policy.